2019 Culture Change Grants

Mazzoni Center



Yes, PLEASE! (Purposeful, Liberating, Enjoyable Adolescent Sexuality Education) is a comprehensive health program that equips young people with consent-based sexual and reproductive health information that is supportive of a range of sexual orientations and gender identities.

No More Secrets: Mind Body Soul

Cupcakes and Crucial Conversations


Cupcakes and Crucial Conversations is an interactive teen program in which participants learn about consent, Social media safety, Bodily Autonomy, and healthy relationships in a relaxed, nonjudgmental environment.

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern PA

Sexuality education in middle and high schools in Philadelphia


Planned Parenthood of SEPA will provide single and multi-session sexual education workshops for students in 7th-12th grades, focused on healthy relationships, boundaries, and consent.

University Community Collaborative at Temple University

Consent workshops & Educators for Consent Culture collaborative


The Collaborative will offer consent workshops to students in public and charter schools as well as facilitate Educators for Consent Culture, a small group of committed educator activists who are working on building a coalition to end rape culture in Philadelphia schools.

WOAR, the Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence

Sexuality education in middle and high schools in Philadelphia


WOAR will be providing multi-session workshops to middle and high school students on a range of topics designed to promote consent culture and healthy sexuality among young people.

Your Empowered Sexuality (YES!)

Sexuality education after-school program


YES! is partnering with Puentes de Salud to offer consent-based, inclusive sexuality education programming to 4th-8th grade students in the after-school program at Southwark School.

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