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For more than 135 years, New Century Trust has helped women achieve their full potential by nurturing their economic and political power.  When she formed New Century Guild in 1882, Eliza Turner brought together a collective of radical and creative women, who were “dedicated to the social, industrial, educational cultivation and improvement of working girls and women without any sectarian distinction.” 


The organization relied on community input, education, and research to create change at the individual and systemic levels. Together, hundreds of Guild women pressed for equal wages, improved working conditions and political representation, while receiving vocational and life skills training. Their direct services combined with strategic communications made them some of the most notable and effective advocates in the country, ultimately advancing transformational policy change through collective voice.  

Today, as a private foundation, we continue to draw upon our long history to solve women's most pressing problems. Specifically, our goal is to build the economic and political power of women and girls throughout the Southeastern Pennsylvania region.  

To access our historical archives, contact the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

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