2019 Willing Hands Grants

Coalition for Restaurant Safety & Health (CRSH)

The Coalition for Restaurant Safety & Health (CRSH) works to provide employers and employees with the support necessary to prevent and eradicate sexual harassment in their workplaces. CRSH fights to end gender-based violence in the workplace using collective action, grassroots education, and worker empowerment and leadership. RSH is based at PhilaPOSH and coalition members include ROC PA, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, and UNITE HERE.

Incarcerated Women's Working Group

The Incarcerated Women’s Working Group (the Working Group) is a coalition that advocates with and on behalf of incarcerated women and women in reentry for meaningful systems change. The Working Group seeks to elevate the unique needs and circumstances of women within a system that was designed for and historically has served primarily men. The Working Group is jointly facilitated by the ACLU of PA and Community Legal Services of Philadelphia.

One PA

One PA works within a broad coalition of labor, faith, and students’ organizations fighting to make powerful changes that transform communities. Their current work related to gender equity includes advocating for enforcement of Fair Work Week and other labor protections as well as fighting for housing equity, both of which are issues that disproportionately affect women, particularly low-income women of color.

PA Domestic Workers Alliance

The Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance (PDWA) is a domestic worker-led organization advocating for justice, dignity, and respect for house cleaners, nannies, and caregivers. PDWA organizes and develops the leadership of low-income immigrant women and women of color to win workplace protections, build community, and make sure all work is dignified and safe.

People's Paper Co-op

The People’s Paper Co-op (PPC) is an ongoing initiative by the Village of Arts and Humanities that connects formerly incarcerated women together with artists, civil rights lawyers, and many others to run a multitude of programs and initiatives. Through a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary process, the PPC and an array of city-wide partners, work with individuals directly impacted by the criminal justice system to develop the tools, skills, and networks to advocate for themselves, their families, and residents across the city.

Project SAFE

Project SAFE is a grassroots direct-service and peer-based advocacy organization of women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, and trans people in Philadelphia’s sex trade. The organization promotes gender equity by advocating for the decriminalization of sex work, competent medical and mental healthcare for sex workers, and better diversion programs that meet participant needs through non-coercive means.

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