National Nurse-led Care Consortium

Nursing-Legal Partnership


The Nursing-Legal Partnership integrates legal services into a successful home visiting program in order to address legal issues affecting the well-being of low-income women and their children. The program further aims to use learning from their direct service work to inform policy and advocate for changes to improve the lives of low-income women and children in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL)

In Her Own Right: A Century of Women’s Activism 1820-1920


PACSL created an online archive documenting women's assertion of their rights from 1820-1920.

Women's Way

Women's Economic Security Initiative


The Women's Economic Security Initiative is a long-term, systems-level collaborative initiative centered around the shared vision that all women in the Philadelphia region attain financial well-being for themselves and their families.

Women-Led Cities

Women-Led Cities


Women Led Cities aims to achieve a greater level of equity in communities - both bottom-up and top-down - and start conversations about developing an equitable city for all. They held a series of ​convenings for women in the urban design space to examine topics like public spaces, public transit, community development, and urban policy.

2018 Opportunity Fund Grants

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