​  Eliza Sproat Turner - 1826-1903

  • The "Mother" of the organization, Eliza was the ideator behind New Century Club and New Century Guild, the predecessor of New Century Trust. 

  • An early community organizer with roots in the Abolitionist movement

  • Her work thrived on the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality

  • She used humor to point out inequity

  • Above all she was a creator of great and meaningful organizations - not only NCT, but the Country Week Association (1875). She was also director of the ASPCA.

  • After having taught at Girard College for years, Eliza led the charge to put women in positions of power in the education system

  • A systems thinker, Eliza pushed policy reform that challenged social norms

Florence Kelley 1859-1932

  • Florence is most noted for her work in Chicago working on Hull House with Jane Addams

  • She served as the First General Secretary of National Consumers League, which protected workers' and consumers' rights

  • A noted abolitionist, she was instrumental in developing the NAACP

  • She is credited with starting Feminist Social Justice Movement

  • Florence was also the First Woman to hold statewide office in Illinois

  • With her guidance, NCT did some of its most remarkable work around working conditions in sweatshops

Gabrielle D. Clements 1858-1954

  • A painter, print maker, and muralist, Gabrielle imbued the organization with an artistic sensibility

  • She was the model of the "New Woman," a highly educated feminist with an independent career

  •  A consummate world traveler, she specialized in landscapes, cityscapes, and harbor vistas

  • She also taught at The Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore

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