2019 Opportunity Fund Grantees


For more than 40 years Bread & Roses has inspired people to take collective action and create real change in their communities, the Philadelphia region, and beyond. Bread & Roses raises money through donations of all sizes and makes grants using a democratic, community-led decision-making process that ultimately supports local groups working for better schools, fewer prisons, better jobs, a safe environment, quality health care, and more. Although grantees take different approaches to community organizing, they all: are led by the people who are most directly affected by the issue the organization addresses; build leadership from within their own community; work to address the root causes of injustice; bring people together to build power; use that power to create systemic change.

Project Funded: The Gender Justice Giving Project 


PathWays PA's mission is to help women, teens, children and families achieve economic independence and family well-being. The organization's vision is that one day, families we serve will feel safe, lead healthy, self-reliant lives, and become positive contributors to their communities.

Project Funded: Overlooked and Undercounted Research 

2018 Willing Hands Grantees

The Willing Hands Grant Program provides multi-year general operating support to organizations serving low-wealth women and girls.  

Created by the Philadelphia Bar Association in 1966, CLS is widely recognized as one of the most sophisticated, respected legal services programs in the nation.  It has long been at the forefront of intersecting issues that affect women and girls, including housing, employment, criminal records, and child welfare. They provide direct representation to clients, while simultaneously advocating for policies that protect thousands more. Of the 10,000 clients CLS serves annually, approximately 66% identify as female, many of them mothers. Working directly with such a large number of women has given CLS opportunities to advocate for systemic change, solving the problems we see every day through new and improved policy.

Maternity Care Coalition works to improve maternal and child health and well-being through the collaborative efforts of individuals, families, providers, and communities in SE Pennsylvania.Since its founding, Maternity Care Coalition (MCC) has focused on the interconnectedness of programs, research and policy working within the community to impact system change. MCC works in neighborhoods with high rates of poverty, infant mortality, health disparities, and changing immigration patterns. Currently, MCC is developing a policy ambassador program to empower our staff and families to be involved in advocating for critical issues impacting their communities, including bail bonding reform for incarcerated mothers, fair scheduling and equal pay.

Restaurant Opportunities Center -PA is the local chapter of a national membership organization that works to improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s restaurant workforce, a field dominated by women. Since its founding, ROC United has won more than a dozen workplace justice campaigns, winning more than $10 million in misappropriated tips and wages and discrimination payments for people who work in restaurants, and advanced significant policy changes in high-profile restaurant companies covering thousands of people. They are currently advocating for the elimination of the tipped sub-minimum wage. ROC also has a training program for employers to help them to raise standards in the restaurant industry and create career paths for entry level staff, most of whom are women.

The Supportive Older Women’s Network is an advocacy-oriented organization dedicated to reducing the social, economic, and political injustice that impacts older women. Older women’s concerns are many and complex: they are much more likely to be poor, to live alone, to struggle with multiple illnesses, and to be widowed. Today, three out of every five Americans over age 65 are women. Yet, gender inequality influences older women’s experiences despite their being the majority of older adults. Women live longer than men but often face far greater economic, health and social challenges. SOWN is one of the only agencies, locally or nationally, exclusively working on the special issues of older women. SOWN organizes women in communities by creating networks for older women to meet together in groups regularly to realize their strengths, empower and support each other, and promote sustained change.

Women’s Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) is committed to social and economic equity for low income women and their families. By having face-to-face conversations with women, they are better able to understand their needs, aspirations, and vision for community. Their “constituents” are primarily single mothers who face a range of obstacles to moving out of poverty, including low wages and rapidly increasing housing prices. WCRP engages their constituents at every level of their work from the Board of Directors to community organizing. As a result of their work, low-income residents have greater access to high quality, affordable housing;  increased access to supportive services; and opportunities to build leadership skills that increase their ability to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Women's Law Project works to create a more just and equitable society b by advancing the rights and status of all women throughout their lives. Since 1974, they have been engaging in high impact litigation, advocacy, and education around a broad framework of gender-based issues, including workplace equity, reproductive rights, domestic and sexual violence, sex and gender discrimination. A leader of numerous coalitions and alliances, WLP has been the central source of reliable info on gender equality issues for decades.

Youth United for Change develops leaders to take civic action in the school system and their communities.  The majority of YUC’s youth leaders not only attend public schools in dire need of additional resources, staff and repairs, they also come from diverse sections of Philadelphia that historically have been marginalized economically and politically. They have intentionally transitioned from a predominantly male organization to predominantly female base, with representation beyond the gender binary, with a specific acknowledgement that black women and femmes have historically been transformational leaders in numerous liberation movements. YUC's primary campaigns focus on transformative school justice, health Justice, and school climate.

2018 Opportunity Fund Grantees

The Opportunity Fund Program provides support to organizations for special projects, research, convenings, and other great ideas that address gender equality.

The Philadelphia Commission for Women (PCW) works with organizations and social service agencies to advance gender equality and promote public discussions on issues that impact women and girls. 

Project: 2018 Women's Summit, which provides a forum for women in Philadelphia to discuss the issues they care about and build a supportive network.

Camp Sojourner is a girls' leadership program that focuses on team-building, leadership development, creative arts, and appreciation of nature. 

Project: 2018 Sojourner Truth Walk, which engages girls in the development of a fundraising walk that supports Camp Sojourner's programs throughout the year.

The National Nurse-Led Care Consortium (NNCC) is a national leader supporting and advocating on behalf of nurse leaders.  They advance nurse-led health care through policy, consultation, and programs to reduce health disparities and meet people’s primary care and wellness needs.

Project: Nursing-Legal Partnership, a program developed by two organizations: the National Nurse Led Care Consortium (NLCC) and the Health, Education & Legal Assistance Project (HELP). Through their collaboration, a team of public interest lawyers is working hand-in-hand with public health nurses who educate and support new parents through the evidence-based Nurse-Family Partnership and Parents as Teachers home visiting programs.

The members of the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL) collect, care for, and share with a world-wide audience collections that, in their depth and variety, comprise an internationally important body of unique materials for students, scholars and lifelong learners at any level.

Project: In Her Own Right: A Century of Women’s Activism 1820-1920, which will support the creation of an online archive documenting women's assertion of their rights from 1820-1920.

Women Led Cities aims to achieve a greater level of equity in communities - both bottom-up and top-down - and start conversations about developing an equitable city for all.

Project: Convenings for women in the urban design space to examine topics like public spaces, public transit, community development, and urban policy.

WOMEN’S WAY inspires and mobilizes the community to invest in organizations and leaders that will advance the rights of and opportunities for women and girls, and achieve equality for all genders

Project: Women's Economic Security Initiative, a collective impact initiative to integrate financial coaching into early childhood education centers.

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