Our Policy Priorities

The most effective way to ensure gender equality is through progressive policy.  Sound policy not only addresses the ongoing challenges women and girls face every day, it also provides an opportunity for them to create the world they want for themselves and their children.


Given that the gender inequality is often compounded by racism, classism, ableism and other forms of exclusion, NCT prioritizes meaningful policy change for those who have historically been marginalized.  


Though we oppose gender inequality in all its forms, this policy framework is meant to identify the overarching issue areas best aligned with our mission of building the economic and political power of those who identify as women and girls. We expect that it will evolve over time as their needs and aspirations change.

Eliminate direct and indirect gender discrimination  

  • Pass a Constitutional amendment that guarantees equal legal rights for all Americans regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity

  • Ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

  • Examine newly crafted policy with a gender lens to assess its intended and unintended impacts

Reduce barriers to gainful employment and leadership opportunities


  • Address occupational segregation

  • Promote gender neutral hiring practices and equitable layoffs that do not disproportionately affect women

  • Prohibit discrimination based on marital, parental, reproductive or health status in all employment and promotion decisions

  • Develop career pathways for women who have historically marginalized from gainful employment

Create and enforce fair employment practices for working women 

  • Advance wage equity

  • Enforce policies that punish for sexual harassment and discrimination

  • Challenge systemic sexual stereotyping

  • Enact reasonable workplace caregiving policies that support a healthy work/life balance

  • Mandate adequate and equal benefits for all workers

Close the gender

wealth gap

  • Provide supportive onramps and offramps to public benefits

  • Increase the minimum wage

  • Support access to affordable childcare

  • Ensure access to safe and affordable healthcare

  • Eliminate gender price disparities

  • Ensure access to savings vehicles, especially for retirement

  • Facilitate women’s ability to purchase homes

  • Promote fair and equitable access to business capital for women entrepreneurs

  • Protect women against predatory financial practices

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