Meet Tanti Lina: Papertini Floral & Event Design

March 29, 2017


Part III in a series profiling the women-owned vendors featured at the Birchtree Catering Supper Club at New Century Trust on International Women's Day, 08 March 2017.



Name of Business: Papertini Floral & Event Design

Official Title: Tanti Lina, Owner/Principal Designer

Years in Business: 10 years

Size of Business: Micro-sized, we are a crew of 9 women

Percent of women employees: 100% of full-time employees


Was this your first Supper Clubs?

This was our second. The first was at the Philadelphia Magic Garden. I’ve known Allegra for years as Birchtree and Papertini grew up together. We met when we were younger and more stupid. I’ve learned a lot from Allegra; working with people who are in the business but in different fields can be very helpful.


What has been your biggest stumbling block?

Rejection. I’ve received rejection from within the floral industry from the get go. When starting off a decade ago, there were not a lot of kind people or fellow female florists, not a lot of encouraging mentors within the industry itself. I think the landscape has since changed. I found my mentors, not locally, but in Michigan and Minnesota.


What has been your biggest business success?

When I paid the first paycheck to an employee other than myself. This last year, I’ve been able to hire nine employees.


Papertini florals at the New Century Trust Supper Club I BG Productions



What is your favorite thing about your workplace?

We’re a bunch of loud, crazy people. Everyone roams free and we have fun. It’s not a stressful work environment. Yet. Ask me again during wedding season and my answer might be different.


What is the tool/object/ritual in your workplace you could not live without?

My morning coffee; we’re fans of Café Bustelo which is definitely cheapest at Aldi.


What’s your favorite season and type of flower to work with?

Summer and anything that is fuzzy and weird.


What woman who has been your biggest inspiration?

I have never been asked this question before and I’m not sure if I have one. I do look to Confucius a lot and Sun Tsu’s “Art of War.” There is a Chinese character of “Perseverance” that is truly what I model my business after.





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