"Stare down the thing that frightens you" - Meet Kristian Ogungbemi, UPENN Graduate Student

July 28, 2017

Another fantastic addition to our Summer of Confidence campaign. Kristian Ogungbemi has just returned to school to get her Masters Degree in Education after serving in the Mayor's Office of Community Empowerment & Opportunity. 


What makes a confident woman?
A confident woman doesn't wait for others to validate her, but acknowledges herself as smart, capable, beautiful, or whatever else she wants to be. She understands that confidence means staring down the thing that frightens you the most and finding a way past it. She knows that there are many things she can't control, so she does as much as she is able and let's the universe handle the rest.

Who are your role models for confident women? Why?
My mother and 
Michelle Obama. My mother fought with everything she had against a racist school system, a sexist work environment, and other overwhelming personal circumstances to make sure my sister and I had an opportunity to do and be whatever we wanted. Mrs. Obama stared hate directly in the face and thrived. She is not only brilliant and beautiful, but funny and completely comfortable in her skin. It was inspirational to see a Black woman own that spotlight with such grace. 

What are you most proud of in your life?  
I'm most proud of moving to Philadelphia from Ohio at 17 all alone and making a life for myself. 

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