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Grant Programs


The Willing Hands Fund provides general operating grants to organizations working towards gender equity through policy, advocacy, or community organizing. Grants are made once per year. The 2019 application cycle has closed. Click here to see current and past recipients of grants from the Willing Hands Fund.


The Culture Change Fund was launched in Fall of 2019 and provides one-year project-based funding to organizations doing work to promote consent culture and challenge gender norms. Click here to see current recipients of grants from the Culture Change Fund. Applications are no longer being accepted for 2019 but feel free to contact us if you are interested in applying for a grant from this fund in 2020. 


The Opportunity Fund, provides one-year project-based funding for programs and initiatives related to gender equity. The Opportunity Fund has been exhausted for 2019 and we will be unable to consider new applications until 2020. Click here to see current and past recipients of grants from the Opportunity Fund.

If you'd like to request funding through either fund, please contact us. We'll set up some time to talk. In general, we fund organizations that are: 

  • Working on issues aligned with our policy interests

  • Tackling issues at a systemic level

  • Shifting thinking around gender norms

  • Approaching leadership development through an intersectional lens

  • Willing to be completely honest about their failures as well as their successes

Trust-based Approach

In response to overwhelming feedback from the non-profit community, New Century Trust has transitioned to a “trust-based” approach to philanthropy, based on a model by the Whitman Institute. This means we:

  • Listen to and learn from our nonprofit partners

  • ​Focus on long-term building relationships 

  • Reduce the administrative burden for non-profits by not demanding unnecessary paperwork

  • Encourage open communication and transparency for ourselves and our grantees

  • Bring resources "beyond the check" to the table