New Century Trust understands that the world is changing quickly, necessitating more responsive funding to fill funding gaps, facilitate community organizing and promote smart solutions to growing community need. Therefore, this year, we are using the Harper Fund for the Willing Hands to creatively support “change agents” that advance the economic and political equality of women. 

We are specifically interested in funding organizations and/or individuals who are not satisfied with the status quo. They have a clear vision for the change they want to see; are knowledgeable about how to facilitate the change; are open to learning and improving their approach; and are willing to build the relationships they need to make the change stick. 

Willing Hands Background

Recipients of the 2016 Willing Hands Awards, Betsy Ross House and Girls Rock Philly, with NCT Board.

The Willings Hands applications have closed. Notifications will take place in late June/early July.

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